September 29, 2020

Dear Verona Community Members,

The Verona Public Schools is coordinating our strategic task force that will explore the themes of race, culture, class, and identity within our school district. We want to be a school district where all students are accepted for who they are and where systemic bias and racism cannot be found. Thank you for volunteering and joining our collective effort to help us grow as a community of learners.

Our task force will include whole group sessions combined with smaller, breakout action committees. These action committees will closely examine these relevant themes in our society. Each volunteer will participate on one action team. Please select all of your areas of interest for participation so we may compose our committees.

A critical component of our District mission calls on us “to inspire our students to be compassionate global citizens through dynamic teaching, meaningful curricula, and enriching experiences.” We are proud of the progress our schools have made, but a major factor in the evolving nature of education is that there is always more for us to learn. Thank you again for your willingness to serve.

All my best,

Dr. Rui Dionisio
Superintendent of Schools