On the Rise…Verona’s Advanced Placement Numbers Continue to Soar

by Charles Miller, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

The Verona Public School district is pleased to present the Advanced Placement (AP) exam results for the spring of 2016. The number of students who enrolled in AP classes has nearly tripled since 2009, from 82 to 293 students. Additionally, the number of AP exams that have been administered has tripled as well with 145 exams taken in 2009 and 445 exams taken in 2016 (see graph #1). In the spring of 2009, 14.5% of the student population at VHS enrolled in at least one AP course. Fast forward seven years later, 2016, and 38.4% of the student population enrolled in at least one AP course. For the 2016-17 school year, we are projecting 44.7% of our students (293 of them) will be taking at least one AP course, and we will be administering 664 AP exams in May.

These statistics are the result of a focused vision by our leadership team, supported by our Board of Education, where barriers to rigorous coursework have been removed for our students; a focus on well developed and implemented curriculum; an incredible group of talented teachers providing highly engaging, quality instruction; tremendous support from our parent community; and highly motivated and dedicated students who have met the level of expectation set for them.

With 445 AP Exams taken, the overall AP Exam average score increased from 2.92 in 2015 to 3.08 in 2016 and 70.4% of the AP Exams administered resulted in a score of 3 or higher. The score 3.0 on an AP Exam is considered passing and may earn credits at colleges and universities. Please note that when a student signs up for an AP class at Verona, s/he is expected to take the AP Exam in the spring.

Another remarkable statistic is the number of students who earned AP Scholar, AP Scholar with Honor, AP Scholar with Distinction, and National AP Scholar recognition by the College Board. For the spring of 2016, Verona had 21 students earn AP Scholar status, 14 earned AP Scholar with Honor, 19 received AP Scholar with Distinction.

The average score of these AP students was 3.62 and a total of 54 students earned these honors. Moreover, the number of AP Scholars has increased five-fold.

The Verona Public School community is proud of our AP results that have been achieved by our students, teachers, parents, administration, and the efforts of our Board of Education.

All of the teachers in Verona, Pre-K through 12, have been working diligently to challenge our students with performance-based tasks, creating complex assessments, increasing the rigor in the curriculum, and encouraging our students to participate in honors and AP classes so that they will be college and career ready. Our parents have been supportive with the increased AP participation, and the students have learned and experienced more rigor and have shown that they are up for the challenge and demands of an advanced curriculum. We look forward to next year’s results with enthusiasm.

Graph #1: VHS AP Participation 2009-2017
Graph #2: VHS AP Scholars since 2009

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