Dear Verona Families,

The holiday season is one that is filled with happiness and good cheer as we walk through our school hallways. The holiday concerts throughout the month of December are an extraordinary opportunity to spread joy through service to our community. One cannot help but be overwhelmed by the smiles on children’s faces and the pride expressed by our staff as we stroll through our schools and visit classrooms. I have been so impressed by the acts of kindness and spirit of giving that our staff helps foster with our students. The sense of community our children feel is a testament to the wonderful work by members of the Verona Public Schools.

We are extremely appreciative of all of the support from our Verona families. Our parents are so generous in donating their time by volunteering in our schools, supporting important instructional initiatives, and providing assistance with numerous fundraising and grant opportunities. It is wonderful to be a part of such an outstanding community as a resident and superintendent with so many people who care about children. The focus in our district remains with every student at the center of all of our decisions. This comes in the form of improvements to our facilities and growth of curricular programs that will benefit students for years to come. Our collective effort with teachers, staff, and community members enable the Verona Public Schools to make our mission statement a reality:

The mission of the Verona Public Schools, the center of an engaged

and supportive community, is to empower students to achieve their

potential as active learners and productive citizens through rigorous

curricula and meaningful, enriching experiences.

I am proud of the progress we continue to make in Verona and I look forward to many new opportunities in 2015. On behalf of the Verona Public Schools and the Verona Board of Education, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season with family and friends. We hope you enjoy a relaxing and well deserved recess. Happy holidays.